Vogue – Vogue covers have been talking to us for 128 years. They talk to us about who we are and about the world we live in. This year, with our world turned upside down, by the plagues of COVID-19 and presidential incompetence, we invited two contemporary artists, Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel, to make paintings for our September covers.

Artists have created Vogue covers before, on rare occasions: Salvador Dalí, Giorgio de Chirico, Marie Laurencin, and most recently, John Currin, who painted Jennifer Lawrence for the September 2017 issue. (Marcel Duchamp was asked to do one in 1943, but Vogue then turned the resulting piece down.) What’s different this time is that Marshall and Casteel were given complete freedom to decide who would be on their cover, a real or imaginary person, and how that person would be portrayed. The only requirement was that they choose a dress by one of four Vogue-selected designers for their subject to wear…

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