. As First Lady, Jill Biden Will Make History for Working Women « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Vogue – What strikes me most about Jill Biden is her compassion. When I interviewed her for Vogue in September, she was a bright light through the Zoom screen, taking the time to ask me about my daughter’s return to school: what grade she was in, whether she’d be remote or in person—the details that matter to teachers, moms, and grandmas.

That and she is a 69-year-old mother of three with a Dr. in front of her name, signaling one of her four degrees. When Joe Biden is inaugurated in January, Jill Biden will become the “first professor FLOTUS,” …—the first first lady who plans to work outside the White House, continuing her career as an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College in addition to her planned causes: free community college, military families, expanding cancer research and education…

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