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Vogue – For the past 10 months, I’ve been following the suggested pandemic protocol and spending my time away from family and friends. When I look back on this year, it’s amazing how much the days bleed together. The rise and fall rhythms of workweek and weekend, on hours and off, sunlit and moonlit, have all blurred together into a stream of sameness. I remember there was snow early on, but was it March or April, I couldn’t tell you. I do remember when my daughter took her first steps—June, I think?—and I remember the day I went for my first swim of the season—April, it was terribly cold—but other than that, my hindsight is fogged, blurred by repetition.

An event typically requires going somewhere new, wearing something different, eating something unusual. It often means you are seeing people you don’t normally see, following codes of behavior you might not normally follow…

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