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Vogue – You can’t miss Johannes Warnke’s designs. If you’ve watched Lady Gaga’s dramatic music video for “911” or opened up this month’s Italian Vogue to Adut Akech’s latest editorial, you were treated to the sight of his high-concept luxury. Warnke’s clothes brim with color and texture and move with their wearers to create arresting tableaux. Fresh from his graduation from Central Saint Martins in June, his clothing is already striking a chord with stylists and global pop superstars, a fact Warnke credits to social media. “Usually there is a press show, but [our class] was unable to have one due to the pandemic, so we all had to rely on social media,” shared Warnke on the phone from Germany. “I’ve been fortunate that people have seen my work and found it interesting enough that they reached out to me. I was overwhelmed at first. I didn’t expect anything. I was at home dyeing fabrics and working from my childhood bedroom.” …

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