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Harper’s Bazaar – How do you bow out slowly, just go away?” Tina Turner asks, fighting tears, at the end of the documentary, TINA.

The answer to her question seems to be the very film in which she asks it. After eight Grammys, a number one hit, and an inimitable decades-long career, the music icon takes her curtain call with this two-hour, intimate portrait of her life, premiering tomorrow on HBO. The doc and her 2018 Broadway musical, which tell her life story in their own ways, mark her bittersweet farewell to her fans, her husband Erwin Bach says.

“She said, I’m going to America and say goodbye to my American fans and I’ll wrap it up,” he says in the documentary, recalling Turner’s plans ahead of the musical debut. “And I think this documentary and the play, this is it. It’s a closure.”…

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tina turner and erwin bach in 2018

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