. Isabella Rossellini Has Defined—and Redefined—Beauty for Decades. She Doesn’t Intend to Stop Now. « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Harper’s Bazaar – For 14 years, beginning in the early ’80s, Isabella Rossellini represented beauty’s ideal. As the face of Lancôme, she sold everything from the brand’s iconic Trésor perfume to anti-aging cream. It was a lucrative contract that made her the highest-paid model in the world at the time. Then, in 1995, months shy of her 43rd birthday, Rossellini was unceremoniously dropped by the beauty brand. “ ‘You cannot represent the dream,’ ” Rossellini remembers being told. “ ‘So we have to go to a younger person.’ ” The decision made headlines. “When they let me go, there was a real protest from their clients, the women buying the [anti-aging] cream,” she says. “They were offended.” As a story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch put it crassly: “Isabella Rossellini sold Lancôme cosmetics by the carload. But after she turned 43 in June, the company dumped her like dried-up mascara.”…

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