. Artist Amoako Boafo to paint Uplift triptych on Blue Origin rocket exterior « JO LEE MAGAZINE

SPACE.com – Boafo will create Uplift Aerospace’s first “Suborbital Triptych,” a three-panel painting that will fly into space on the outside of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. Through the physical stresses of its launch and re-entry, Boafo’s artwork will be changed — both literally and figuratively — creating a unique record of the flight. “The profound strength of Amoako’s portraits for the first Suborbital Triptych will bring another dimension to the power that propels the New Shepard rocket,” Josh Hanes, chief executive of Uplift Aerospace, said in a statement. Boafo’s art combines brushwork with finger and hand painting to capture the mood of his subjects — creatives.

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