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Harper’s Bazaar – There is, inherent to Gigi’s manner, a sort of Malibu-forever finish—a sporty glow as if she’s standing by, set to dust off any sand and join a match.

Gigi seems drawn to the idyllic, content with time away from all the noise. “It’s peaceful and recharging for me,” she notes. “I deal with a lot of things through just sitting and thinking and writing. People made jokes when Covid hit, like, ‘Oh, Gigi, you’ve been practicing quarantine for years now,’ because when I had a few days off, I would drive to the farm from the city and be with myself in my little cabin, making a resin chair or drying flowers.”

Gigi’s way of doing things involves remaining in harmony with herself and knowing what’s right for her so she might stay in what she calls a “safe mental and physical space.” She counts therapy as partly responsible for guiding her emotional rationale, as well as seeking out peaceful moments that are far removed from the intricacies of her colossal influence…

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