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Vogue – Four days before he began his glorious, drama-filled run to the finals at Roland Garros, Stefanos Tsi­tsipas took the court at a suburban Paris country club and started circling his arms, reaching so far that he looked less like a 22-year-old tennis star and more like a Ferris wheel that had just been turned on and was gently picking up speed. Today was shoe-test day. Tsitsipas was wearing a new pair of black sneakers from Adidas, his sponsor; black shorts; and a white T-shirt that read terre battue (“clay court,” more or less, and a French Open slogan). His shoulder-length, sun-streaked curls were getting in his face, so he called for a headband. While he waited, he took out a pouch and ate some kind of goo. …

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How Stefanos Tsitsipas Became Tennis's Mr. Personality | Vogue


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