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Vogue – When I had caught up on emails, I pulled out a single piece of stationery and wrote a letter to my husband.

“Dear Anthony – Is it possible for any two people to be happier or more blessed? Some days, I cannot believe it. We must remember to be grateful to God that He has given us so much. I love you. Huma Weiner, May 24, 2011.”

It was another working visit to London, but staying at Buckingham Palace made it singularly special. I got dressed and went into the adjoining sitting room that connected our two bedrooms to meet up with HRC, who was seated in a wingback chair reading some papers as the palace staff wheeled in scrambled eggs and properly brewed tea. For a moment, I thought I would tell her my news, but I stopped myself. At only eight weeks along, it was too early to share…

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