. S.R. Studio L.A. C.A.’s New Collection Takes a Strange, Optimistic Look at American Fashion « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Vogue – Sterling Ruby’s mark on fashion has always been eerily prescient. His 2014 collaboration with Raf Simons predated the collage and graphic moment in menswear, his hanging axes and pom-poms at Calvin Klein around 2016 spoke to the growing darkness bubbling under our American idealism, and his earliest collections for his own label S.R. Studio L.A. C.A. have explored haunting and political themes. His primary fashion-world work of 2020, Veil Flag, was a meditation on the multiple meanings held within the idea of the American flag. (It now stands as the—please pardon the pun—flagship piece of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” exhibition.) At the time Ruby completed the work, he said, “Right now I have more fears than hopes for the U.S.”…

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