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Vogue – Fembots, angels, ghosts, Disney princesses, and Britney Spears’s impersonators lined around the block at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday evening. But this was no normal Halloweekend party: It was Harry Styles’s concert, where the guests were encouraged to come dressed in their best costumes. The singer’s fans, who call themselves “Harries,” certainly did not disappoint (how could they, when the object of their affections was so well dressed too?). Spread the word: Dressing up for Harry Styles is the new trick-or-treating.

Ever since Styles kicked off his second solo tour, Love on Tour, back in September, the singer has been bringing epic fashions to the stage (his printed suits or sequined vests all designed by Gucci, of course). But his audience has been just as stylish. The Halloween concert last night, however, saw this love of fashion taken to the next level. Onstage, Styles dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, matching his fans’ energy…

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