. Meet Róisín Pierce, the Irish Designer Whose Clothes Marry Icing Sugar Lightness With Zero-Waste Techniques « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Vogue – One glance at the surfaces that Róisín Pierce spirits into being is enough to induce a sort of synesthetic trance state. What are these puffy, creamy, mouth-watering constructs of icing sugar lightness and crazily tactile depths? “Floating starbursts and flowers!” the young designer exclaims as she begins to describe her collection on the phone from Dublin.

Two For Joy is the nursery-rhyme name Pierce has given her second collection, which she hand-embroidered and smocked with self-invented zero-waste techniques—beautiful things made from memories and hard work in her home studio during the last difficult year. “When I create something, I get so much enjoyment, it’s just not measurable,” Pierce says…

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