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Vogue – Linda Evangelista’s looks need little introduction. The heavy arched brow, feline eyes, and razor-sharp cheekbones have been well documented throughout each of her legendary 1990s transformations (ever since hairstylist Julien d’Ys sliced off her long locks in favor of an androgynous crop in 1988). Beyond the fashion highlights, the rarer off-duty shots of Evangelista during the decade that launched the supermodel mega-brand provide a window to a lost world. The pre-social media MTV music video sensation, a supermodel gazing into a compact mirror (rather than a smartphone) while fixing her own makeup backstage, and the larger-than-life talents Gianni Versace, Oribe Canales and Karl Lagerfeld that she counted as friends and collaborators. Today, Vogue rediscovers her lesser-known photographs from the 1990s archives…

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