. ‘It Was Slaughter’: Migrant Crash Victims Paid Thousands to Reach the US « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Vice- The two cousins, 15 and 16, set out Wednesday afternoon from Guatemala. Guided by smugglers, they traveled by bus to Mexico. And then they were told to climb into the back of a tractor trailer along with more than 150 other Guatemalan migrants. The cousins’ desired destination: New York.

But they made it less than three hours in the tractor trailer, packed in so tightly that every other person was standing. As the truck rounded a curve in the southern city of Tuxtla, Gutierrez the next day, the driver lost control and slammed into a lightpost. The trailer detached from the main cabin and flipped over, flinging migrants onto the asphalt and a nearby wall, killing at least 55 and sending another 106 to the hospital.

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