. With Homemade Napalm and K-pop Anthems, Photographer-Filmmaker Diane Severin Nguyen Is Forging a New Genre of Image « JO LEE MAGAZINE

ART NET NEWS – Diane Severin Nguyen doesn’t only make photographs, but when she does she becomes a kind of mad scientist. Before the lens she erects ad-hoc tableaux, Frankensteining together materials both natural and synthetic, exotic and quotidian—fish skin and ribbed plastic tubes, for instance; or latex gloves and toenail clippings. Often they are drenched in an innominate goo the color of Gatorade or activated through a kind of crude chemistry. Napalm is a favorite trick; she found the recipe on the internet. And yet, even as I describe these materials, I’m not sure that’s what’s in the pictures.

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