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Yahoo – On Friday, Ukrainian ballet dancer Artyom Datsishin was reported to have died of injuries sustained under Russian artillery fire three weeks earlier. The 43-year-old principal dancer with the National Opera of Ukraine is the latest of several celebrities in the country that have been killed since the Russian invasion began last month. On Thursday, Kyiv’s National Academic Molodyy Theater announced that actress Oksana Shvets, 67, had been killed in a rocket attack in the capital city. And Pasha Lee, 33, a Crimean-born stage and film actor who did voice work for the Ukrainian-dubbed versions of “Lion King” and “The Hobbit, was killed during shelling in Irpin on March 6.

The deaths contrast with the more hopeful images circulating on social media showing influencers and celebrities who have taken up arms against Russia. Just a day before his death, Lee, who had recently joined Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces, posted a photo of himself and a woman, both dressed in military gear. In the caption, he noted the heavy bombing they’ve faced. “We are smiling because we will manage,” he wrote…

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