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Vogue – At 41, Kardashian has achieved a sense of inner calm. Newfound confidence in her style, business acumen, and the projects she takes on have informed the star’s current choices, and when it comes to big decisions, she goes with her gut and only accepts input from her inner circle. Case in point: that now-iconic veiled Balenciaga look she wore to the 2021 Met Gala? It wouldn’t have happened without a long chat with the brand’s creative director, Demna. “When he told me about the idea, I could tell he was trying to ease me into it,” she shared with Vogue.com’s editor Chioma Nnadi. “At first, I didn’t get it. I can’t go to the Met and cover my face; what is my glam team going to do? But I trust Demna 100 percent. You have to have that trust so that even when you’re taking a big risk, you know it’ll be worth it.”…

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