. Zac Posen Turns Costume Designer: “This Isn’t a Glamour Film. It’s About Gangsters and Tailoring, and That’s New For Me” « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Vogue – Posen has costumed his first Hollywood movie. The Outfit, out in theaters on March 18, is a thriller from the director Graham Moore, whose protagonist (Mark Rylance) is a Savile Row-trained tailor to 1950s Chicago gangsters. The tagline: Every suspect fits a pattern. “The story unfolds like the process of making a suit,” Posen says with a note of drama. “It kind of has layers that unfold and the truth is, you know, underneath the lining.”

Posen is no stranger to Hollywood. Beyond the many gowns he’s made for top actresses, he starred on Project Runway and was the subject of the documentary House of Z. Here, he shares costume design credit with Sophie O’Neill, who was on set in the UK while he remained in New York City, due to Covid. The designer spoke about the process of working on the film, the other projects he’s juggling, and why he sees technology and sustainability as the driving forces in fashion for the foreseeable future. These are edited excerpts from our conversation…

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