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Vogue – If—as the director Ingmar Bergman once claimed—the most important image in the history of cinema is that of the human face, then the visage of Jane Birkin inspired a new zeitgeist of onscreen beauty. The British actor’s appearance in Jacques Deray’s 1969 film La Piscine was a cinematic coup de foudre. Birkin’s svelte cheekbones, expressive, almond-shaped eyes and slightly imperfect, gapped-tooth pout were neither the Platonic ideal of Greta Garbo nor the lyrical charm of Audrey Hepburn. Rather her face was a Baroque cathedral of angles and folds, angels and cherubs, that captured at once the sublime eroticism and starry-eyed naivete of the counterculture’s new religion of desire.

In her first film as a director, Jane by Charlotte (opening in New York this Friday and available to stream in May), Charlotte Gainsbourg—the celebrated French actor, fashion icon, and pop singer—trains a camera on her mother’s fabled face for a series of intimate conversations…

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