. Man Shot in Brooklyn Subway Attack Says He ‘Hugged’ a Pregnant Woman to Protect Her « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Yahoo – On Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, John Berman, filling in for Cooper who is out with COVID, spoke to Hourari Benkada, who was shot when a gunman set off smoke bombs and opened fire on a New York City subway during morning rush hour. Benkada, speaking from his hospital bed, said he was shot while trying to shield a pregnant woman as chaos erupted around him.

“All you see is smoke, black smoke bomb going off, and then people bum rushing to the back. This pregnant woman was in front of me. I was trying to help her,” Benkada said. “I didn’t know there were shots at first, I just thought it was a black smoke bomb. She said, ‘I’m pregnant with a baby.’ I hugged her, and then the bum rush continued. I got pushed, and that’s when I got shot in the back of my knee.”…

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