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Vogue – “My personal mission as the director of this film is to get as many people in the world to see it as I possibly can.” So said the 29-year-old director Daniel Roher to Variety the other day about his new film, Navalny, surely the most thrilling and urgent documentary I’ve seen in years. Roher is in promotional mode (Navalny opens today in some 800 theaters for a two-night engagement, with a CNN broadcast later this month), but one feels Roher is not thinking of his career. The subject of his film, the Russian dissident and former presidential candidate Alexei Navalny, has been in a Russian prison since January 2021, after a near-fatal poisoning by Moscow security agents in 2020. Navalny is a powerful reminder that Vladimir Putin would like nothing more than to see him killed—and that only Navalny’s celebrity, his social media acumen and charisma on the world stage (which this film powerfully reaffirms), can keep him alive…

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