. Photographer Kate Bellm on Her Dreamy New Book, La Isla—and the ‘Lawless’ Hotel in Mallorca She’s Opening This Summer « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Vogue – Ever felt the need to, you know, check out for a while? Nothing dire, mind you—just some vague, free-floating yearning to immerse yourself deeply in something far-away and joyous as an antidote—conscious or not—to These Times We Live In?

I found my salvation recently paging through Kate Bellm’s sumptuous new book La Isla (Mirage), which chronicles a dreamy, carefree and oddly languorous existence of swimming, diving, skateboarding, and nude knitting on the coasts and in the underwater caves and amidst the cactus groves of Mallorca.

Bellm’s photographs—alternately black-and-white, psychedelically colored, pinpoint-focused, and romantically grainy—summon up an Edenic playground that’s so far away from any kind of workaday concern that it comes as almost a shock, or a provocation…

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