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Vogue – I’ll get the barest plot summary out of the way so as not to ruin Alex Garland’s Men, a horror film built out of shocks and surprises and canny subversions you won’t want to see coming. A London professional, Harper (Jessie Buckley), has seen her marriage end disastrously and retreats to a rented country house to rest and recover and recharge. Once there, she is menaced by local men played—every one of them—by the shape-shifting actor Rory Kinnear. Even that is giving too much away. Men’s ideas are embedded in its casting, its thoughts about the ubiquity of masculine power, about how male violence and thuggery are everywhere—and how ancient they are. Men are scary in Men but also pathetic, helpless, vulnerable, and needy. By its end—surely the most go-for-broke, love-it-or-hate-it finale you’ll see this year—women are not so much prey as practically beside the point…

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