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Home of the Brave

By World on The Run

Harper’s Bazaar – Bginning in June 2020, hundreds of people met every week in New York City to march for Black queer and trans lives. The weekly actions, led by Joela-Abiona Rivera and Qween Jean, became known as the Stonewall Protests and lasted for more than a year. Photographer Ryan McGinley captured this community and its glorious fight for the freedom to protest. Its members shared their stories with Harper’s Bazaar.

Joela-Abiona Rivera, cofounder of the Stonewall Protests: When Black Lives Matter gained momentum again in the summer of 2020, I was out there.

I put a flyer out there for anybody who wanted to come to a protest at Stonewall Inn. It started off so small, with no more than 20 people. It grew into something amazing. We want to center Black, trans, and Black queer people…

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