. A 23-Year-Old Had an Abortion in Secret After Roe. Here’s What It Was Like. « JO LEE MAGAZINE

Vice- The 23-year-old had planned to spend the Fourth of July weekend with her sister. They were going to hike and swim in a local lake. They wanted to watch the fireworks together.

Instead, the woman spent it holed up inside a hotel with her ex-boyfriend, binge-watching TV and having an abortion.

The irony of celebrating independence wasn’t lost on the woman, who VICE News is calling “J.” due to her concerns about privacy. Days earlier, the Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade, erasing her constitutional right to abortion. In the state of Arizona, where J. lives, she could no longer get a legal abortion in a clinic—so she took pills, bought online, to induce it herself.

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