. In Case You’ve Missed It Tiny glowing fish is full of antifreeze to help it survive Greenland’s icy waters « JO LEE MAGAZINE

CNN – The variegated snailfish is full of naturally occurring antifreeze proteins at previously unseen levels that help it survive in subzero waters, according to new research. The snailfish, known as Liparis gibbus, is also distinctive thanks to biofluorescence, which makes it glow in green and red. Study authors David Gruber and John Sparks, both research scientists at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, were on the Constantine S. Niarchos Scientific Expedition in 2019 when they spied a glowing snailfish off the coast of East Greenland. Biofluorescence occurs when animals have the ability to convert blue light into green, red or yellow light.

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John Sparks and David Gruber

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