. In Case You Missed It – A Group of Eighth-Graders on a Field Trip Near Tel Aviv Stumbled Upon a 3,000-Year-Old Sacred Egyptian Amulet « JO LEE MAGAZINE

ART NET NEWS – Stern was guiding eighth grade students on the IAA’s third annual expedition, educating them about archaeological finds around Azor and beyond, when he saw what first looked like a lost toy on the ground. “An inner voice said to me, ‘Pick it up and turn it over,’” Stern told the Jerusalem Post. “I was astonished: it was a scarab with a clearly incised scene, the dream of every amateur archaeologist. The pupils were really excited!” The amulet is sculpted in the shape of a dung beetle, an insect regarded throughout ancient cultures as an all-powerful creator god for embodying both decay and regeneration.

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