. Archaeologists Have Unearthed the First Full-Color Portraits of Egyptian Mummies in More Than a Century « JO LEE MAGAZINE

ART NET NEWS – Egyptian archaeologists completing their 10th season of excavations at Gerza, 75 miles southwest of modern day Cairo, have announced the excavation of two full mummy portraits and further fragmentary portraits—the first unique examples of such paintings to meet daylight in more than 115 years. The team also turned up mummies, papyri, pottery, and coffins all dating back to Gerza’s founding as Philadelphia during the Ptolemaic period (305–30 B.C.E.) through the Roman era (30 B.C.E.—390 C.E.). A release from the Egyptian government explains that King Ptolemy II (309–246 B.C.E.) established Philadelphia as a bucolic central village.

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