. Free Jazz Pioneer Milford Graves Transports with Posthumous Art Basel Installation Bringing the Polymath’s Many Practices Together « JO LEE MAGAZINE

ART NEWS – Graves, who died in 2021 at 79, is best known as an experimental jazz drummer, but he was better considered a polymath, as the New York Times’s Giovanni Russonello wrote in his obituary of the artist last year. He was a visual artist, a music professor at Bennington College in Vermont, a botanist, a computer programmer, and a martial artist. He even created his own martial art, Yara, named after the Yoruba word for agility and based on the movements of praying mantises. The presentation at Fridman, which was co-curated by Graves’s granddaughter Tatiana Graves-Kochuthara, brings together these seemingly disparate elements of his life and practice

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