. In Case You Missed It – Researchers Have Located Nearly 1,000 Previously Unknown Maya Settlements in Guatemala « JO LEE MAGAZINE

ART NET NEWS – An unprecedented light detection and ranging (LiDAR) survey of 650 square miles across northern Guatemala’s Mirador-Calakmul Karst Basin (MCKB) has discovered 964 previously unknown ancient Maya settlements beneath the brush, dating predominantly back to the Preclassic period (ca. 1,000 B.C.E.–150 C.E.). The extensive network features ceremonial centers, sporting facilities, roads, and reservoirs. All together, the findings suggest that a far more sophisticated, populous, and unified Maya society flourished here than previously projected. “The skeleton of the ancient political and economic structure as a kingdom-state in the middle and late Preclassic periods has a tantalizing presence in the Mirador-Calakmul Karst Basin,” the research team.


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