. ‘Is the Image Making Us, or Do We Make Images?’: Watch Video Artist Paul Pfeiffer Decode What the Rituals of Mass Sports Say About Society « JO LEE MAGAZINE

ART NET NEWS Sports arenas are places of high drama: ecstatic wins and devastating losses, injuries, saves, glory, and despair are all constantly playing out on a massive stage. Millions of eyeballs are trained on the most talented athletes and performers in their field, and often projected onto TV screens and Internet channels, too, amplifying the effect. The Honolulu-born, New York-based artist Paul Pfeiffer focuses his artwork on these tableaux through incisive videos, sculptures, and photographs. Pfeiffer recasts original footage of pop culture events including Hollywood movies, sports, concerts, and other high-octane spectacles into thoughtful meditations on the nature of mass media entertainment.

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