. In Case You’ve Missed It In an Old Chicago Pipe Organ Factory, Artist Soumya Netrabile Paints Reveries of Nature, Fueled by Figaro and T.S. Eliot « JO LEE MAGAZINE

ART NET NEWS – In her canvases, energetic and convulsive passages of greens, pinks, reds, and yellows turn into scenes of wildly grown backyards, clusters of flowers, the knotty branches of trees. Netrabile, who keeps a studio in what was once the city’s historic Hammond Organ Company plant, works intuitively, finding inspiration in lines of poetry and the arching drama of her favorite opera, which imbue her scenes with a passionate lyricism. For the Bangalore-born artist, these paintings are reflections of a state of reverie reached on daily walks, wandering through the woods near her home and daydreaming, as sunlight dapples the ground.

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