. Remedios Varo’s First-Rate Surrealist Storytelling Gets Its Due in a Stunning Chicago Survey « JO LEE MAGAZINE

ART NEWS – On the afternoon of February 20, 1943, a volcano suddenly appeared in a cornfield near the remote village of Parícutin, Mexico. The field’s owner—a farmer named Dionisio Pulido—later recalled how a crack in the earth widened and swelled, belching sulfurous fumes as the newborn cone thrust skyward. Over the next several months, the volcano continued to grow. Dunes of ash drifted across the land. That June, Parícutin finally erupted in earnest. Two towns were evacuated and then devoured by molten rock. In one of them, San Juan Parangaricutiro, only the church’s bell tower remained standing amid the black lava field.

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