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About Jo Lee

Jo Lee, Philanthropist, entrepreneur, daughter of a Maestro mother and diplomatic father, founder, chairman and editor-in-chief of JO LEE Magazine, is the inexhaustible Italian-Canadian/American who permeates all strata of society. Her mentor was Lord Thomson, Baron of Fleet, whose belief in Jo Lee became the platform for her endless concern to touch the lives of people with astounding energy and grace. She raises dollars by the millions with all advertising revenue from JO LEE placed into The ADESTE Academy – for the advancement of higher education for African Students. The Unsung Heroes – experiencing possibilities undreamed of.

Intellectually suave, Jo Lee has taught us that unusual risks, intuitive persistence, even in the face of disaster … is ‘the card’ to dealing with change in a tough world and re-defining it for her own purposes. Her face is a chronicle of this experience, style and emotion built on an inherent structure of sensitivity, depth and wit. A raison d’être quaint to no one else.

About Jo Lee:
Credited with re-inventing the charitable world
Founder, Chairman, CEO – YES! International, the first online charity in the world, an
E-Help Campus assisting 44+ Million youth annually. yesintl.com
Founder, Chairman, CEO – The ADESTE Gold Medal adestelive.com
Founder, Chairman, CEO – The ADESTE Academy adestelive.com
Founder, Publisher, Editor In Chief – The 39+ MM audience of JO LEE Magazine joleemagazine.com | 180dfo.com | http://www.yesintl.com/jolee/html/bio.htm
Founder, Publisher JO LEE at 180 Degrees From Ordinary

Jo Lee was among the exclusive group of Canadian women chosen worldwide for Canada’s “Millennium Honour Roll”.