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JO LEE Magazine is looking for talented writers to contribute to our Social Media Site.
Feature articles must be globally stimulating.
Upon acceptance of your submission, remuneration will be given through the publishing of your content.

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We look forward with many thanks if you’d like to write…


Writing Guidelines

Provide original, personal, and honest work. Original means your post has never before been published anywhere, including your own blog.

If possible, include original photos with a resolution of no less than 1 MB.

Differentiate your post from others already on the site. Many posts cover similar ideas, and that is perfectly fine. If you share your own story and unique reflections, this will be sufficient to diversify it.



  • Send your post in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Include bolded parts for emphasis and bullet points or numbers, where it makes sense.
  • Use a 12 point Times Roman bold, black font, with single spacing and left justification.
  • Leave 2 spaces after each period.
  • Keep your post to a MAXIMUM of 450 words including the title.

Please use the following format including spacing.

Your word count:  450 WORDS MAX

By: Your first and last names

Your City and Country




Your feature article begins here on THIS line.


It is CRITICAL that your article’s file name be setup exactly as shown below or it may be misfiled:

SMS, Your Name, Numerical Date in Month, Day, Year ie 10.2.12, Title of Article, Number of Words.doc

ie: SMS Samuel Simms 10.2.12 The Instigators 199 words.doc

  • Email your post to contributors@joleemagazine.com.
  • Please only send one post at a time.
  • Write the complete file name in the subject line.
  • Your post may be edited, including your title. It may be a week or more before you receive a response, but please know we will respond to everyone who submits.