A Precedent - In Intellectual Opulence

JO LEE Magazine reflects the ultimate in luxury, elegance and lifestyle.

Everything you want to know about power, the world of business and politics, travel, corporate governance, the best of photography, the rich & the famous, health, humor and entertaining articles - all in a lavishly, illustrated publication.

The fascination of our 39+ million readers with the world of intellectual power, is matched only by the magnetic attraction of our photo-driven issues.

Prominent columnists and feature writers worldwide are continually alerted to embrace the coverage of the major developments & triumphs we feel the world would want to experience via great journalism.

There's a fascinating twist to JO LEE and it is this all-encompassing dichotomy driving its success. The magazine pays not one of its global columnists and feature writers or its 68 editorial

staff a fee. Rather, all advertising monies generated are placed into an ENERGY BANK embracing the young, Unsung Heroes who have zero possibilities.

Equally exciting, the magazine is in the hands of one of North America's most creative boutique publishing houses, reflecting sophistication.

The encore? JO LEE has become the true, world-class luxury, on-line magazine and is internationally recognized as an elite read. The brainchild of JO LEE is founder and publisher: Josephina Lea Mascioli-Mansell: known to all as - Jo Lee.

In short, JO LEE stands for "180 degrees from ordinary".

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