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JO LEE Magazine is redirecting its digitized publication and shifting attention to the vibrant global conversations that we are already experiencing on Social Media.

Moving forward, we’re going to focus on the worldwide impact of ADESTE and continuing to mentor and raise monies for its University Scholarships.

Thank you always — for your love and connection to JO LEE Magazine over these past 24 years and we look forward to seeing you on line.

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ABC NEWS – Advocates told The Associated Press they also have concerns that the company, The Blue Formula, could be selling fish that is illegally...

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY – In 2016, Coast Salish and Indigenous activists from across Native country came together to fight the Puget Sound Energy liquefied natural...

U.S.NEWS – Federal health officials confirmed Thursday that two cases of invasive infections caused by cronobacter sakazakii have been reported in 2023, both in infants...

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE – “Yahipi kin waste” (Welcome in Dakota) signs greeted visitors to the Hocokato Ti, the Museum and Cultural Center of the Shakopee...

NBC NEWS – It shows people standing on both sides of the hallway as a man pushes the stretcher. One side of the hallway is...

ART NET NEWS – What happens when you lose control? For many individuals, such a situation can be anxiety-inducing, to say the least. For the...

AP NEWS – Bayan Khateeb knows she’s a terrible cook. So when she managed to pull off a dish of cooked tomatoes and eggs, she...

ART NET NEWS – “What if I painted myself as a marshmallow? That could be either really stupid or really great,” said Sasha Gordon in...

THE GUARDIAN – “We have a long road ahead,” the Fulton county district attorney, Fani Willis, wrote in one email last month. “Long after these...

NPR – On Thursday, the university identified two of the victims as Patricia Navarro-Velez, 39, of Las Vegas and Cha Jan “Jerry” Chang, 64, of...

ART NEWS – Gladstone’s first exhibition with Weems will take place in the fall of next year at one of its New York spaces. She...

ABC NEWS – Santos, who is facing his third expulsion vote this year on Friday, debated several lawmakers, including fellow Republicans arguing for his removal,...

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY – While the interim president of Bacone College was scrolling the news, she was surprised to find the Muskogee, Oklahoma institution is...

ART NEWS – Walter O. Evans calls his penchant for collecting hundreds of artworks, almost expectedly, “an addictive process,” which began somewhat unintentionally in the...

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