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JO LEE Magazine is redirecting its digitized publication and shifting attention to the vibrant global conversations that we are already experiencing on Social Media.

Moving forward, we’re going to focus on the worldwide impact of ADESTE and continuing to mentor and raise monies for its University Scholarships.

Thank you always — for your love and connection to JO LEE Magazine over these past 24 years and we look forward to seeing you on line.

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ABC NEWS – Has created an immersive installation where a visitor walks through rooms with various motifs. One is filled with flowers sprouting everywhere like...

AP NEWS – A married couple who fled Haiti for Virginia achieved their American dream when they opened a variety market on the Eastern Shore,...

ART NET NEWS – The move was initiated by the museum to mark 150 years after four of the items were looted by the British. The...

NBC NEWS – A plant worker found the leak Wednesday morning during valve checks at a SARRY treatment machine designed to remove cesium from the...

ART NET NEWS – The mission starts with the name of the exhibition site, which has been rebranded from the Brazilian Pavilion to the Hãhãwpuá Pavilion—a...

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY – Chemical analysis of a 14,000-year-old woolly mammoth tusk found that the animal, a healthy female that trekked about 1,000 kilometers (600...

ART NEWS – On January 24 the statue of the first Black player in Major League Baseball and a civil rights activist, was cut off...

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY – “Our people are being used for her political gain,” said Oglala Sioux Tribe President Frank Star Comes Out.  After Noem suggested...

CNN – The Supreme Court signaled Thursday it is poised to back former President Donald Trump and fend off a blockbuster challenge to his eligibility...

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE – Tribal members who reside on a reservation or colony in Nevada can now register and vote from the comfort of their...

NPR – Douglas, 28, is set to compete at the Winter Cup competition on Feb. 24. The event in Louisville, Ky., is a qualifier for...

ABC NEWS – Northern Gaza has been largely cut off for months now, according to the United Nations, and aid trucks carrying flour arrive sporadically...

AP NEWS – The shots became available last year and were designed to better protect against more recent coronavirus variants. In Thursday’s study, the Centers...

WASHINGTON POST – The proposals include potential compensation for property seized from Black owners, but do not call for widespread direct cash payments to descendants...

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