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JO LEE Magazine is redirecting its digitized publication and shifting attention to the vibrant global conversations that we are already experiencing on Social Media.

Moving forward, we’re going to focus on the worldwide impact of ADESTE and continuing to mentor and raise monies for its University Scholarships.

Thank you always — for your love and connection to JO LEE Magazine over these past 24 years and we look forward to seeing you on line.

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CNN – Officers had many opportunities as the 2022 school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, was still unfolding to reassess their flawed response to the shooting...

AP NEWS – Del. Jheanelle Wilkins, chair of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, noted that the caucus includes 66 of the Maryland General Assembly’s...

NPR – The group, known as the Patriot Freedom Project, launched in response to the arrest of a Jan. 6 rioter known for promoting extreme...

ART NEWS – “There is little light here,” the artist Delcy Morelos said, speaking in Spanish, during a tour of her current exhibition at New...

ART NET NEWS – We’ve all become used to tapping any manner of information request into Google or ChatGPT and waiting just seconds to get...

ABC NEWS – As the bombing lit the predawn sky over multiple sites held by the Iranian-backed rebels, Saudi Arabia quickly sought to distance itself...

DAILYMAIL.CO.UK – The new site, dubbed ‘Aquellum’ and billed as a ‘luxury and experiential space offering guests a taste of futuristic living’, looks like something...

ART NET NEWS – After a two-year delay due to Covid, the inaugural event last year generated the kind of buzz you’d expect from the...

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY – It was Wild West meets melting pot America at the Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2024 men’s show Tuesday, where musician-turned-designer Pharrell Williams...

NBC NEWS – The attack unfolded at about 4 p.m. ET on Paradise Island as the boy was “participating in an expedition in a Shark...

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE – Coats was inspired after reading a Mankato newspaper quote about the Knights of the Forest from the novel Last Standing Woman...

NBC NEWS – The findings come from a huge project to compare modern DNA with that culled from ancient humans’ teeth and bones — allowing...

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY – Ronalda Tome-Warito, Diné, was elected to represent the board’s District 2 seat in November 2023. She officially took office on Jan....

NPR – Del. Scott approached the podium to cheers and a standing ovation as he took the oath of office and began his term as...

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