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JO LEE Magazine is redirecting its digitized publication and shifting attention to the vibrant global conversations that we are already experiencing on Social Media.

Moving forward, we’re going to focus on the worldwide impact of ADESTE and continuing to mentor and raise monies for its University Scholarships.

Thank you always — for your love and connection to JO LEE Magazine over these past 24 years and we look forward to seeing you on line.

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NBC NEWS – The cluster comes as Candida auris continues to spread in the U.S.: Case numbers have risen every year since 2016. The pathogen...

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE – Cherokee minds can change the world. That’s been true throughout our history, and it’s just as true today. We could not...

NPR – Nikki Haley is continuing to lean hard into one particular argument in her stump speech: electability. “Republicans have lost the last seven out...

WVIA.ORG – Now the family friendly animal park is trying a new plan it hopes will tame the parrots’ salty language. It’s integrating them into...

ART NEWS – Taking the title “the future is present, the harbinger is home,” the exhibition is organized by artist Ebony G. Patterson and Miranda...

CNN – In the study, published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers from Planned Parenthood, Resound Research for Reproductive Health and academic institutions...

U.S.NEWS – COVID-19 is not the problem it once was in the U.S. Americans have access to tests, treatments and vaccines. However, it’s still killing...

NYPOST = Zhang Bo and his girlfriend Ye Chengchen are believed to have died by lethal injection on Wednesday after China’s top court recently approved...

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY – Jondreau learned a few days earlier that the LiveAuctioneers website was selling off a set of four birch bark scrolls, inscribed...

THEARTNEWSPAPER – Lagos’s Rele Gallery will soon have spaces across three continents, with a new outpost opening in London next month, it has announced. “People...

NY POST – Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont said state emergency personnel responded to help. “I urge everyone in the area to follow the direction of...

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE – The Tohono O’oodham Nation and San Carlos Apache Tribe, joining with Archaeology Southwest and the Center for Biological Diversity, have aimed...

U.S.NEWS – The bill doesn’t list which platforms would be affected, but it targets any social media site that tracks user activity, allows children to...

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE – The money has been left in royal trusts specifically aimed at preserving language and culture. The infusion of such a large...

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